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Identify Legal Material

Automatically identify legal material among your sea of files and communications.

Organize Documents

Automatically group legal material into related clusters by content or metadata.

De-Dupe Documents

Automatically match duplicate or near-duplicate documents like amendments.

Analyze Documents

Locate key clauses and references like assignment restrictions, termination dates and conditions, or regulatory requirements.

Extract Information

Extract key terms like effective or termination dates, unit prices, discount or interest rates, and parties.

Visualize and Export

Export data to Excel and generate reports to visualize key information like jurisdictional or counterparty risk.

Why ContraxSuite?

  • battle-tested: based on a decade of legal and regulatory experience
  • realistic: built for the documents you actually have, not the demo
  • open source: free and open to audit and improve
  • humans + machines: designed to augment and integrate, not replace

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